apartment living room with custom artwork on the wall | The Little Garry in Roanoke

Find Unique Works at The Little Gallery in Roanoke

For original artwork and unique gifts, head to The Little Gallery in Roanoke. About 10 minutes from our Roanoke apartments, it features an array of one-of-a-kind pieces, from beautiful landscapes paintings to handmade pottery. Here are some of the artists you can discover: Anthony Bowes  Growing up, Anthony Bowes visited The Little Gallery, where he […]

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group of friends eating sandwiches and sitting at a restaurant patio | sandwiches in Roanoke

Bite into the Best Sandwiches in Roanoke

Believe it or not, the largest sandwich weighed 5,440 pounds. It featured 260 pounds of cheese and 1,000 pounds of corned beef. While eateries don’t prepare sandwiches in Roanoke quite this large, they do serve offerings that are both hearty and delicious. The restaurants near our Roanoke apartments include: Montano’s International Restaurant A Roanoke fixture […]

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