a fresh pizza calzone on a white plate in a restaurant | calzones around Roanoke

Enjoy the Best Calzones around Roanoke

Originating in Naples, calzones are folded pizzas stuffed with delicious fillings. Calzones around Roanoke are enjoyed as a snack or a meal, and you’ll find them on menus at several restaurants. The eateries near our apartments in Roanoke include: Grace’s Place Pizzeria  Grace’s Place brings a taste of Italy to Roanoke. It’s popular among locals, […]

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group of friends eating sandwiches and sitting at a restaurant patio | sandwiches in Roanoke

Bite into the Best Sandwiches in Roanoke

Believe it or not, the largest sandwich weighed 5,440 pounds. It featured 260 pounds of cheese and 1,000 pounds of corned beef. While eateries don’t prepare sandwiches in Roanoke quite this large, they do serve offerings that are both hearty and delicious. The restaurants near our Roanoke apartments include: Montano’s International Restaurant A Roanoke fixture […]

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